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Cambridge Brain Activation

Suite of programs developed for fMRI analysis in a Virtual Pipeline Laboratory facilitates combining program modules from different software packages into processing pipelines to create analysis solutions which are not possible with a single software package alone. Current pipelines include fMRI analysis, statistical testing based on randomization methods and fractal spectral analysis. Pipelines are continually being added. The software is mostly written in C. This fMRI analysis package supports batch processing and comprises the following general functions at the first level of individual image analysis: movement correction (interpolation and regression), time series modeling, data resampling in the wavelet domain, hypothesis testing at voxel and cluster levels. Additionally, there is code for second level analysis - group and factorial or ANOVA mapping - after co-registration of voxel statistic maps from individual images in a standard space. The main point of difference from other fMRI analysis packages is the emphasis throughout on the use of data resampling (permutation or randomization) as a basis for inference on individual, group and factorial test statistics at voxel and cluster levels of resolution.

URL: http://www.bmu.psychiatry.cam.ac.uk/software/

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analysis, brain, anova, resampling, statistical, wavelet, fmri, pipeline, affine warp, algorithm or reusable library, application, c, image-to-template, java, linux, macos, magnetic resonance, nifti-1, posix/unix-like, registration, regression, spatial transformation, spectral analysis, statistical operation, temporal transformation, time domain analysis, unix shell, warping, wavelet transformation, web environment

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