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Candida Genome Database

Database of genetic and molecular biological information about Candida albicans, a yeast that is an opportunistic pathogen of humans, and about other Candida-related species, such as Candida glabrata. It contains information about genes and proteins; descriptions and classifications of their biological roles, molecular functions, and subcellular localizations; gene, protein, and chromosome sequence information; tools for analysis and comparison of sequences; and links to literature information. Each CGD gene or open reading frame has an individual Locus Page. Genetic loci that are not tied to a DNA sequence also have Locus Pages. The Locus Page is the central clearinghouse for all information specific to that gene and tools for its analysis, including: * gene name, synonyms, and systematic name * Gene Ontology (GO) annotations * descriptions of the gene and gene product * phenotype of mutations in the gene * chromosomal and contig coordinates * interactive graphical chromosome map and browsing tool * tools for retrieval and analysis of the gene and protein sequences * a curated collection of literature CGD also provides a Gene Ontology, GO, to all its users. GO is a collaborative project involving CGD and other model organism databases to provide controlled vocabularies that are used to describe the molecular function and cellular location of gene products and the biological process in which they are involved. The three ontologies that comprise GO (Molecular Function, Cellular Component, and Biological Process) are used by multiple databases to annotate gene products, so that this common vocabulary can be used to compare gene products across species. The development of the ontologies is ongoing in order to incorporate new information. Data submissions are welcome.

URL: http://www.candidagenome.org/

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protein, chromosome, classification, gene, genome, candidiasis, thrush, yeast, yeast gene, yeast genome, candida albicans, candida glabrata, data analysis service, biological role, molecular function, subcellular localization, chromosome sequence

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