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G Protein-Coupled Receptor Data Base

The GPCRDB is a molecular-class information system that collects, combines, validates and stores large amounts of heterogenous data on G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). :The GPCRDB contains data on sequences, ligand binding constants and mutations. In addition, t he system provides computationally derived data such as multiple sequence alignments, homology models, and a series of query and visualization tools. :The GPCRDB is designed to be a data storage medium, as well as a tool to aid biomedical scientists with answering questions by offering a single point of access to many types of data that are integrated and visualized in a user-friendly way. Although most parts of the GPCRDB are self-explanatory, if you have not used this resource before it is adviced that you to take a look at the usage page. Sponsors: This resource is supported by Organon and Unilever, and the NIH. Keywords: G protein, Coupled, receptor, Molecular, Heterogenous, Data, Sequence, Ligand, Mutation, Computational, Software, Alignment, Homology, Model, Visualization, Tool, Biomedical, Scientist, Integration,

URL: http://www.gpcr.org/7tm/

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