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Mouse Mutagenesis Center for Developmental Defects

THIS RESOURCE IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE. For updated mutant information, please visit MMRRC or The Jackson Laboratory. Produces, characterizes, and distributes mutant mouse strains with defects in embryonic and postembryonic development. The goal of the ENU Mutagenesis project III is to determine the function of genes on mouse Chromosome 11 by saturating the chromosome with recessive mutations. The distal 40 cM of mouse Chr 11 exhibits linkage conservation with human Chromosome 17. We are using the chemical N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) to saturate wild type chromosomes with point mutations. By determining the function of genes on a mouse chromosome, we can extrapolate to predict function on a human chromosome. We expect many of the new mutants to represent models of human diseases such as birth defects, patterning defects, growth and endocrine defects, neurological anomalies, and blood defects. Because many of the mutations we expect to isolate may be lethal or detrimental to the mice, we are using a unique approach to isolate mutations. This approach uses a balancer chromosome that is homozygous lethal and carries a dominant coat color marker to suppress recombination over a reasonable interval.

URL: http://www.mouse-genome.bcm.tmc.edu/ENU/MutagenesisProj.asp

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mutant, embryo, post embryonic, mutagenesis, craniofacial, eye, fertility, growth, lethal, metabolism, neurological, skeletal, skin, coat, urogenital, cryopreserved, enu, defect, birth defect, , patterning defect, growth defect, endocrine defects, neurological anomaly, blood defect, mouse model, human disease, n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea, chromosome 11, phenotype

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Mouse Mutagenesis for Developmental Defects

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