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An open community platform for bioimage informatics providing the software resources to visualize, annotate and quantify bioimaging data. To bridge the gap between developers and users, it combines: a) an open-source image analysis software, offering a powerful and flexible environment for developers such as applied mathematicians to write algorithms fast and efficiently; b) a common set of tools to view and manipulate data, and a set of plugins to perform specific quantification or analysis on images; c) a community-based website centralizing all plugins and resources to facilitate their management and maximize their visibility towards users. Workspaces are virtual groups of plugins dedicated to a specific application or image processing domain. By downloading a workspace, ICY automatically installs all corresponding plugins. The workspaces are enabled, but the editing section is not ready yet. If you want to publish a plugin on this website, its code has to be GPL. Source code is available and provided in each application download.

URL: http://icy.bioimageanalysis.org/

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image analysis, microscopy, javascript, python, plugin, protocol, script

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image analysis software, service resource, source code, image processing software, software development environment, software repository



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PMID: 23049616, PMID: 23382675, PMID: 23519440, PMID: 23735122, PMID: 24349021, PMID: 24465954, PMID: 24880876, PMID: 25127364, PMID: 25211477, PMID: 25612319




icy bioimage analysis

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